Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tasty and Pretty- Use Holiday Food to Decorate!

A table setting by Ambi Design
One of the things that I like to do in my own home is decorate with edibles.  During this time of the year where life is so centered around family and entertaining it just makes sense to highlight and feature the food that is so integral to the celebration.  Plus, the dual purpose nature of your displays make them a great way to stretch your household budget.
Some of the ideas I have used:
-Clear glass apothecary or spice jars of red and white peppermint disks help to spread the festive atmosphere to the kitchen.  You could use any other food that you enjoy that fits your holiday decor.
-Green and red pears and apples in various sizes look great on the family room coffee table in a wooden bowl and puts a healthy snack right at arms reach.
-Bowls of nuts or pretty ribbon candies are beautiful left out on end tables.  If they are going to be sitting for a long time look for a bowl with a glass lid.
-Instead of a formal centerpiece I have used tiered display stands to showcase pretty baked goods on the dining table.  It doesn't have to be a formal cake- decorative cookies or breads look great too.  If the baked goods lack color you can add an edible flower to the mix.
Have fun and be creative!  That fruitcake from your great aunt might make the perfect edible (if just a tad dry =) holiday centerpiece!

Added 12/5
Look at this Buddha Hand fruit that I saw at a client's house today-
so cool, and a perfect example of decorating with food!

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