Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wood Floors- Prefinished VS Finished On-Site

I admit, for me there was really no argument before.  I was a bit of a snob- finished on-site was the only way to go!  However, I have had a few products come my way recently that might be changing my tune.  A client I have been working with wanted to have her floors refinished to a richer, more modern color.  However they are living in the home and there was no real opportunity to have them out for the week that it takes to refinish floors.  Plus, we would have had to try to move out all of the furniture during that time and put it into storage.  It was not going to be an inexpensive endeavor!  This was the perfect time, if any, to use a prefinished floor.  What had driven me away in the past was the beveled edge that was a dead giveaway that the floor was prefinished.  However, after discussions with the contractor on the project and after doing some research I found out that a few manufacturers have begun making prefinished flooring that has a perfectly flat edge.  We were able to do the project in a manor that allowed the client to be inconvenienced as little as possible.  Areas were done in stages which allowed furniture to be moved from room to room instead of out all at once.  And it is beautiful- definitely a floor to be proud of!
Photo courtesy Carlisle Floors