Thursday, July 19, 2012

Having Fun Digging!

The auction/showroom floor (Not air conditioned if you can believe it!  Wear a tank top =)
Earlier in the month I was asked to design the front window of Weschler's Auction House.  The experience reinforced my belief that you can create a beautiful room setting at any price-point (some of the items are auctioned at a true steal!).
The challenge was especially difficult because the 4th of July holiday week left them with a low amount of available inventory.  The first few times around the store the combination did not seem apparent.  It wasn't until a wing chair was pushed in the door about a half hour after we started that the combination clicked.  The best part was the "treasure hunt" feeling that we had while digging for accessories!  Amazing what little gems were hidden in that place!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Your tour of the DC Design House!

So if you didn't know- I was chosen to do a space for the DC Design House.  It is a great event that benefits the Children's Medical Center.  We got the awkwardly shaped Master Bedroom deck.  It was 6 feet wide and 40 feet long!
We have gotten some great press from the project including the Fox5 morning show, HGTV on-line, Home and Design, Washington Gardener, the Washington Post on-line and lots and lots of other features.
To appreciate what our challenge really looked like, here is the BEFORE picture:
Pretty drab, right?
Here were the main issues:
-  The impossibly thin dimensions created a floor plan challenge.
-  Working with the peeling floor and the awful existing railings (you can't even see the worst part, the terrible gold cornucopia things in the middle).
-  The deck felt very exposed and lacked intimacy.

- By designing a custom row of pedestals (placed over the angle supports that hold up the railing) and benches (placed in the gaps between the supports) I was able to create visual height and interest and create one long continual focal point that unified the two seating areas we designed.
- By laying down a row of patterned indoor outdoor rugs I was able to hide the existing floor and create a nice indoor-outdoor feel.
- Adding accessories like custom printed artwork (the photos are of espalier trees that are in a private garden in Georgetown) and custom mirrors (made by my sister's talented boyfriend!).
- The new sheer canopy that was supported by metal brackets that I designed and had custom made helps to give the sense of intimacy that was missing.

The FINISHED project!:

The custom metal work I designed was made by Phoenix Handcraft  (see more of his work in my DreamHome Room).  PAPortner Construction once again followed through with help on the installation.

The benches and pedestals I designed were fabricated by Kaleo at Kala Studios the sectional was borrowed from Offenbacher's Patio.

Thank you to Glen Raven who provided the outdoor Sunbrella cover fabric.