Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the works....

We were picked to be part of the DC Design Center's DreamHome this year!  We are honored to be chosen.  The show is going to be in conjunction with the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery's 40 under 40 exhibit that will be done this summer to celebrate the Renwick's 40th anniversary.  So in that same vein 8 young designers in the DC area were chosen to create room designs based on artwork in the exhibit.
My artist is Christy Oates and creates fantastic functional pieces of art/furniture.  Take a peek:
Crane Chair wall panel
Crane Chair set out

So in addition to our normal client load we have been managing the details of getting our room completed.
Here is your sneak peek of the design.  More details will follow in the next month!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are you an art offender?! Fix it- here's how!

Over Christmas break I spent a little bit of time helping my mother-in-law hang artwork.  She had been wanting to put the pieces up for a long time but wanted to make sure that it was done properly. Since nearly every one of my clients has shared the same affliction of hanging their artwork too high I realized that hanging or rehanging artwork is a fantastic way to make your home look better without spending much money.
Here are some tips that I have learned over the years by watching and learning from some of the best professional art hangers in the business:
1.  First make sure that your art is wired properly.  It should be wired across the back toward the top of the piece.  Most other hangers (combs or center D rings) will not keep your artwork straight.
2.  Use the proper hanging hardware.  Do not use nails or J hooks.  The ones that you should buy have "nails" that look like stud earrings.  They come in different weight options and it is better to err on the heavier side.
3.  On a standard 8' wall almost any piece of art is best hung at 5' (60") on center.  First measure the overall height of the artwork and divide by two to find the center.  Then subtract the distance of the wire from the top from that distance.  If you add this number to 60" you will locate the height that your hangers should be placed on your wall.
4.  Hang two hooks for pieces 12" or wider.  The hooks should be placed about 1/2 of the width of the piece apart.  So for an 18" piece your hooks should be 9" apart.
5.  Level your artwork and stand back and admire your handiwork!

Avoid hanging art too high (these are also too far apart)!

photo from

Small pieces hung in a more successful arrangement.