Monday, January 7, 2013

Adorable and functional go hand in hand!

It is funny that my first post in months is going to be about measuring cups.  But it is =).  If you know me well you probably know that I have a little bit of an inherited obsession with kitchenware (sorry mom, I let the cat out of the bag!).  I usually keep a fairly tight rein on it because I also don't care for mis-matched sets.  However, Amanda made a very good point while we were baking my client Christmas goodies this year, I was severely lacking in measuring cups!  Part of that is just the way that I cook.  I don't measure- a pinch of this, a shake of that.  However, when you bake you need to be precise.  So, now I had a green light to buy a necessary tool for my kitchen!

Obviously as a designer I am very cognizant of style.  But most of my clients will probably attest that I am also very concerned with practicality.  And this adorable set of nesting doll measuring cups combines those two worlds perfectly!