Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decorating- It's in the Details

Blog entry by Amanda WELCH

There are many things we can do to make our homes beautiful and welcoming to our guests during the Holidays.  From simple, beautiful touches to un-predeicatble placement of decorations, there are many changes we can make to create a festive atmosphere. 
One simple but beautiful decoration we love are these glass icicle ornaments.  They are hand made so each one is unique from the next.  They catch the light, and add an eye catching sparkle wherever they are used.  Of course we love to see ornaments on the Christmas tree, but you could get creative and find many other uses for them (see some examples below)
Another great way to make your home beautiful at the Holiday's is to place decorations in un-predicatable places.  Many people over-clutter their surfaces in their homes with Christmas decorations, creating a very busy look.  Think outside the box and spread your decorations around!  Decorate your hanging light fixtures, your banister, or hang decorations over the doorways.  Unusual placements create interest for your guests, and also create beautiful spaces without clutter. Those icicle ornaments we love: they would look great hanging in a chandelier or with some garland on a banister!  Any ornament that is particularly beautiful or special can be placed in a chandelier or on a banister, rather than getting lost in a Christmas tree.

Photos from Amanda's creative mother Judy

We hope you are all having a very happy Holiday season, and that these little tips will help you while you are making your home beautiful for the Holiday's!  Until next year....

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