Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You've probably never seen anything like this!!

Charma and Margaret

In my 13 years as a designer I have been lucky to work with a host of talented people.  One of my favorite people and one of the most amazingly talented artists I know is Charma Le Edmonds of Shelter Studios.  She just completed an AMAZING feature wall in a clients house.  This wall is so unbelievable, not only because of the scale and complexity of the pattern but because of the amazingly power it exudes in strangely subtle manor.  
The following photos are a progression over 11 days.  You have to see the process that she used to create this piece of art!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thinking warm, despite the cold!

Even though it is only February it is the perfect time of year to let your mind wander to the outdoors.  Because my focus is interiors I don't get to work on exterior spaces as frequently as I might like, so when I do get those periodic opportunities I am always shocked by the new products that are on the market.
photo from sunbrella.com
Can you believe that the photo above is of exterior fabrics?  Who thought you could have a gorgeous damask pillow with decorative trim living on your deck chair.  
photo from lloydflanders.com
The above lounge furniture could easily be in sexy living room setting.  But we are lucky enough to be using it on the deck that we have been asked to design for the DCDesign House.  You got it, another show house- this is going to be a busy, busy spring!  We'll share more details and drawings as we get farther into the design.