Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Think seasonal =)

Michele Lerner once again graciously included me in one of her design articles for the Washington Times.  This time her article was focused on small (low budget) ways to bring the feel of the season into your home without going over the top.  She always writes a great article- please check it out (click the link below)!

Small changes give feel of new season

Not all of my ideas were included so I will share more of them with you.  I always try to have all of my core pieces fixed- they don't change.  However, little changes make a huge difference.  One of my favorite ways to personalize a cabinet or built-in is by adding either colored mat board or a fabric covered piece of Luan board behind the shelves.  It is a spin on painting the back of the cabinet- but it is not permanent.  Then, when the fiery orange color you have up for the fall feels like it should be Christmas red, all you have to do is change the board out!  I have done this many times with great success and little effort.

A fabric covered back in the cabinet I custom made for my daughter's room.
I also love displaying fall squash and gourds in a big bowl in my living room (currently holding sea-shells).  They have beautiful colors and last forever.  And when you are done with them you can eat them!  I don't buy the mini pumpkins, I buy acorn squash, butternut or spaghetti squash and smaller pie pumpkins.

Also, don't forget to address your sense of smell.  I love the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg- but they seem out of place in the summer.  Cinnamon sticks tied with ribbon or pine cones soaked in extract and discreetly displayed or candles placed in strategic places help to bring you into the holiday spirit.  

And for my children I keep all of their holiday books put away until the appropriate season.  They love seeing their favorites and they help to dress the table tops.

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