Thursday, August 23, 2012

My secret weapon...BABY WIPES!!!

Ok, you might think that this is a totally random post.  However, part of designing a beautiful home is maintaining a beautiful home.  The little wipes that keep my two year old squeaky clean are also my little trick for keeping lots of things clean around the house!

A couple of weeks ago my five year old was running from her bathroom to my bathroom with a toothbrush loaded with bright aqua toothpaste.  Well guess what managed to find its way onto on my white silk draperies that are hung in the bedroom next to the bathroom?  You guessed it- toothpaste!  I looked at the dime sized spot in horror and then sprung into action.  I pulled the excess off with toilet paper and then ran to my son's room to get a packet of wipes.  After just a few seconds of rubbing with a wipe I could see that the aqua colored stain was lightening.  The real test was if it was going to dry with a wet water ring.  I grabbed my blow dryer and dried the spot quickly.  I couldn't believe that it came out almost perfect!  A few years ago I had gotten some water on the same material in another room and it left terrible water marks on the bottom hem- makes me wish that I had tried my wipes instead of taking them to the dry cleaner who couldn't do anything for the spots.

Besides saving my draperies I have used baby wipes to spot clean rugs, clothes, handbags and wallets and my car upholstery.  No special brand, but I generally use the least expensive unscented, sensitive skin variety available to me.

So fear not!  You can be a mommy and have your white silk too!!!

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